Central Heating Boiler

     Supertherm manufactures a wide range of Non IBR boilers. The company specializes in design and manufacture of small boilers primarily used in central heating applications. All the boilers manufactured by Supertherm are oil fired and come fitted with imported burners and thermostats. The oil fired boilers manufactured by us have heat output range from 20,000 Kcal/hr to 2,00,000 Kcal/hr. These boilers are wet base, fire tube boilers with stainless steel dampers for excellent heat transfer.

The salient features of Supertherm boilers are:

Awards Long Life: All boilers are made of heavy guage mild steel plates and welded using the high quality welding techniques. This gives these boilers anextremely long life.
Awards Wet Base: All boilers are of wet base type. The heat loss of theseboilers to the surroundings is almost nil making them highly efficient(over 90% efficiency).
Awards Imported Burners: The burners used for our boilers are all imported from some of the most reputed manufacturers of the world (like Bentone, Ecoflam, Reillo etc).
Awards Imported Temperature Controllers: The controls used to regulate the heat output of the boilers are all imported.
Awards SS Dampers in Fire Tubes: All the fire tubes in a boiler are fitted with stainless steel dampers to allow for maximum heat transfer to the water.
Awards Compact Design and Weight: Supertherm boilers are all compact in design, size and weight. This makes them easily transportable even to the remotest corners (places where there are hardly any roads).
Awards Highly Insulated: All boilers are insulated with high quality insulation and clad with coated sheets.