HeatKing is a unique room heating device based on German Technology. It is an oil fired room heater (bukhari) with proper exhaust system. It is ideal for heating a single room of approx size 15 feet by 15 feet. The fuel used is primarily kerosene oil. However diesel based models can also be made. Supertherm has sold and installed more than 10,000 HeatKings in some of the coldest places of the country such as Leh, Kargil, Nobra, Srinagar, Gulmarg, Joshimat, NathuLa Pass, Tawang etc. The temperature in these areas easily drops to about -20 Degree Centigrade.

Salient Features of HeatKing are as under:
Awards Easy Firing: HeatKing can be fired with a single match stick and unless put off continues burning safely.
Awards No Maintenance: Since HeatKing has neither any moving parts or electrical parts, it is almost maintenance free. It conforms to the highest standards of fuel combustion.
Awards Non Dependent on Electricity: Since HeatKing does not have any electrical components it does not require any electricity for its operation. This is the reason it is extensively used in the remotest and the coldest parts of the country like Leh, Siachin, Tawang etc.
Awards Efficient Combustion: The combustion of oil in HeatKing takes place on the vapourizing oil burner technology. There are hardly any unburnt hydrocarbons in the exhaust gases of HeatKing. A direct result of this technology is that the exhaust pipes of HeatKing almost never need to be cleaned as there is hardly any soot deposition in the exhaust pipes.
Awards High and Controlled Heat Output: Each HeatKing comes fitted with an imported oil control valve which precisely controls the heat output of the bukhari. The heat output can be controlled from almost no heat (low) to about 5.5 Kwatts of heat (high).
Awards Safety of Room Occupants: The occupants of a room can safely sleep during the night while HeatKing is silently burning and keeping the room warm and cosy. This is because the exhaust gases are all expelled out of the room through a set of exhaust pipes.
Awards Long Life: HeatKing has an extremely long life of more than 20 years. Each vital component of HeatKing is coated with porcelain enamel paint which gives the product an extremely long life.