Hot Air Generator

     Supertherm manufactures hot air generators ranging from 20,000 Kcal/hr to 60,000 Kcal/hr. They are ideal for heating of halls, lobbies, banks and existing structures (where laying of hot water pipes for central heating will be tedious). They only require an electrical connection and provision for exhaust gases to be discharged through a chimney. These hot air generators come fitted with thermostats so that a comfortable temperature can be maintained

The salient features of hot air generators are:
Awards Compact Unit: Hot air generators are compact self contained units that do not
require any piping, pumps, water etc.
Awards Imported Burners: The oil fired burners of hot air generators are
imported from reputed manufacturers (like Bentone, Ecoflam etc).
Awards Imported Temperature Controllers: The temperature controllers of hot air
generators are all imported.
Awards Compact Design and Weight: Supertherm hot air generators are all compact in
design, size and weight. This makes them easily transportable even to the remotest corners (places where there are hardly any roads).
Awards SS Dampers in Fire Tubes: All the fire tubes in a hot air generator are fitted with stainless steel dampers to allow for maximum heat transfer to the air.