Hot Water Boiler

     Supertherm manufactures a wide variety of oil fired hot water boilers for applications that require a lot of hot water such as hotels, hospitals, army camps, hostels etc. Our hot water boilers are of storage type and the boiler itself acts as a storage for hot water. Our hot water boilers come in ranges from 250 litres of water storage to 1000 litres of water storage. Bigger storage capacity boilers are also made on order.

The salient features of our hot water boilers are as under:                         

Awards Integrated Boiler and Hot water Storage. This is the best and a unique feature of our hot water boilers. The space consumed by these boilers is far less than the traditional ones where boiler and hot water storage are separate.
Awards Faster Water Heating: Our integrated hot water boilers heat water faster and more efficiently than the conventional types (separate boiler and hot water tanks).
Awards No pumps and piping required: Since water does not need to be circulated between the boiler and storage tank, no pumps and piping is needed for the same. This saves the pump and piping cost , and even on electricity.
Awards Highly Efficient: The hot water boilers are highly efficient. In our boilers 500 litres of water can be heated from 5 Degree Centigrade to 50 Degree Centigrade in about 30 minutes using approx 2 litres of kerosene or diesel oil. Similarly 1000 litres of cold water can be heated from 5 Degree Centigrade to 50 Degree Centigrade in about 60 minutes using approx 4 litres of kerosene or diesel oil.
Awards Imported Burners: All our hot water boilers come fitted with reputed make imported oil burners and thermostats.
Awards Highly Insulated: Our boilers are provided with high quality insulation where water can easily remain hot for more than 24 hours.