Panel Radiators: Panel radiators form an integral part of most water based central heating systems. These panel radiators are sleek and elegant in design. All panel radiators are wall hung in the most unobtrusive manner. Supertherm uses imported panel radiators for all central heating projects. These panel radiators are imported from Europe and conform to European EN 442 standards.

The salient features of panel radiators are:

Awards Elegant Design: Panel radiators are sleek and elegant in They are powder  coated for an extremely long life and are wall hung.
Awards Mulitiple Sizes: Panel radiators co Mulitiple Sizes. Panel radiators come in a wide variety of sizes (heights and lengths). This choice of sizes gives them the flexibility to be installed at different locations of a room.
Awards No Moving Parts: Panel radiators do not have any moving parts and thus are virtually maintenance free.
Awards Silent Heating: Since there are no moving parts in a panel radiator they are totally silent in their operation.
Awards Flexibility of Heat Outputs: Since panel radiators come in various size, they have different heat outputs. The choice of size depends on the room size, outside temperature, inside temperature etc. Panel radiators can give heat output from 0.5 Kwatts to 6 Kwatts and even more.
Awards Uniform Heating: Panel radiators produce even and uniform heating in the room.